9th SGS Annual Meeting | Zurich | 9-10.02.2017

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Conference Management

Organisation Committee

Prof. Dr. Nicole Wenderoth, Zurich (Conference President and Young Investigator Workshop)
Prof. Dr. Christina Spengler, Zurich (Young Investigator Award)
Dr. Mirko Schmidt, Bern (Young Investigator Workshop and Young Investigator Award)
Andreas Krebs, Zurich (Organisation)
Dr. Maria Willecke, Zurich (Organization)
Annegret Kern, Zurich (Organization)
Regula Blaser, Zurich (Organization)
Dr. Daniel Woolley, Zurich (Webpage)
Charles Lambelet, Zurich (French Webpage)
Heinz Saurer, Zurich (Infrastructure)


 Scientific Committee

Prof. Dr. Katrien de Bock (ETH Zurich)
Prof. Dr. André Gogoll (EHS Magglingen)
Prof. Dr. Ernst-Joachim Hossner (University of Bern)
Prof. Dr. Bengt Kayser (University of Lausanne)
Dr. Silvio Lorenzetti (ETH Zurich)
Prof. Dr. Anne Marcellini (University of Lausanne)
Prof. Dr. Siegfried Nagel (University of Bern)
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Taube (University of Fribourg)
Dr. Mirko Schmidt (University of Bern)
Prof. Dr. Arno Schmidt-Truckäss (University of Basel)
Prof. Dr. Roland Seiler (University of Bern)
Prof. Dr. Christina Spengler (ETH Zurich)
Prof. Dr. Nicole Wenderoth (ETH Zurich)